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Press Release

Designed to offer the services of world-class villas while maintaining a sense of premium hospitality and boasting uniquely beautiful surroundings, KaliSun Villas in Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki, Greece are ready to accommodate the first fortuitous residents of this new three-bedroom villa community. With nine additional Greek properties available for sale within the complex, representatives of KaliSun Villas are offering a special incentive to the first three lucky buyers, making the magnetic draw of these homes even greater.

History & Culture

Greek mythology often refers to Halkidiki: the earthquake giant, called Egelados is buried in Kassandra. Athos has been reformed by the rock that Egelados threw against the Gods, and Sithonia owns its name to Sithonas, son of Poseidon. There are many myths. However, they suggest the effort that was made to interpret their foibles, way back from the ancient times.

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